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HRCorp Precision Recruitment

HR Corporation is a specialist agency that has over a decades experience in recruitment and selection. Our focus is to provide top quality staff and bring you the very best job opportunities the market has to offer. We have an extensive network of clients that is backed by many years of relationship based on trust and respect for the culture of ones business and practices. We are an agency that are focused on quality rather than quantity and you will the pleasure of dealing directly with either one or both of our directors during your job search or candidate search process.

Our specialist fields entail:-

Profile Marketing

We are the key players in the industry when it comes to profile marketing. This process involves the marketing of a candidate with extensive experience in any particular industry that he has built an outstanding career and amount of experience in. If you are someone that leads the industry with exceptional standards, having achieved targets that are worth singing your praises about, then this type of professional marketing would best suit a candidate of your caliber. If you can back up your experience with excellent references, we will market you to the key players in your industry securing interviews. This method of recruitment has proven to be highly effective and will speed up your job search extensively whilst giving you that results that will entail continuing your career path as opposed to having the next available job. We take the time to invest in you as our candidate, helping the succession of your career and also bringing our clients solutions to their own business returns.


We maintain the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality when requested to headhunt on behalf of our clients. We scan the market for the top performers and achievers, we keep abreast of the media and key players and thus are able to provide your business with candidates that are the solution providers that will yield an almost immediate return on your recruitment investment. These candidates obviously require less of an induction process and are able to acclimatize at a rate more favourable than a candidate without their expertise. Our business ethics also ensure that we never headhunt from our clients thus maintaining our high levels of trust and integrity.

Job Specification Recruitment

Our database has a listing of over 50 000  well referenced candidates available nationally that are in the market for job opportunities. If you have a vacancy that you want meticulously handled, we will be your very own in house HR department and are most competent to step in and take over your entire recruitment process. We adhere strictly to your inherent job requirements, and will ensure that your selection process is an enjoyable and satisfying experience. This approach has built us an extensive database of loyal International clientele that use our services year after year.

Industry Specialty

Executive Level Management/Directorships

Sales Sector – International and Local

Information Technology

Supply Chain Market

Corporate Sales, Business Solutions, Office Automation, Telecommunications, Fleet, and IT

Clearing & Forwarding

Security and Fires Services

Courier & Logistics

Financial & Accounting

Regarding the BLOG

Our blog has a library of articles that will prepare you every step of the way during your job search process up to your interview stage and negotiating of possible offers. This blog is written from our extensive experience and gives you an inside approach as to what our clients prize as excellent potential.

Our Book  “Get Hired Today!!!”

How can we serve you?

As our way of giving back to the community we have a published a comprehensive book that will teach you how to secure your dream job, how to prepare and market yourself, how to draw up a cv that wont get overlooked. This book can be downloaded free of charge! It is a compilation of a decades worth of experience summarized for your career success. Download and enjoy.


HR CORP IS A  Level 1- 100% Black Female owned Micro-exempt Unique Reference Number (URN)  BEE9296500

Fax: 0866141595 | Email: [email protected]

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Precision Recruitment

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Precision Recruitment

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