All work can be infused with meaning, passion and a dedication to world class service because ultimately the way you manage your job or career is a reflection of your own personal standards and not the company that you work for.




Once again it all comes down to magical ingredient called attitude. It’s the salt in a great dish. You’re the dish---your attitude is what makes you scrumptious. So how would you like your prospective employer to view you? BLAND or SCRUMPTIOUS?




I read this recently and loved it…The Story of the Stonecutters




The first was asked what he was doing. The reply was: "I’m cutting a bunch of rocks." The second responded: "Im building a wall." The third smiled and said with deep pride: "Im building a cathedral."



My inspiration today is because I have spent the day opening no less than a hundred cv.s. So you can imagine how I am excitedly looking for those candidates that care enough to tell me enough about their jobs in their job descriptions.




Here’s the scenario:-


CV 1




Tosca Tools - Sales Representative: - 2003 - 2006




* Sold hardware to retail stores




Reason for leaving: - Market in recession/terrible boss, taking him to CCMA-will go into detail in my interview.




Lovely, can’t wait to see this star.




CV 2



Tosca Tools, Edinburgh - Sales Representative: - March 2003 - December 2006



• Marketed company’s hardware range ( to commercial/retail and residential sector.


• Cold called to generate appointments and leads


• Set up telephonic appointments to conduct presentations of product range


• Built up client base from 12 clients to 250 clients in a matter of 3 months


• Achieved salesman of the month in January 2004 for exceeding target and closing International account with HR Corporation.


• Built up loyal customer base through retention business and regular maintenance through client visits and telephonic contact.


• Marketed the company’s services via email mailing lists.


• Worked in a team environment planning market strategy and also keeping abreast of competitor activity.




Reason for leaving: - I had an opportunity to develop my career further by joining Magnum UK to market their latest range of high tech automated tools, which I saw had fantastic potential in the market. This move allowed me to grow substantially on a financial basis as well.




References: - Mr. Derek Kathos

Telephone: - 055 768 989

Position: - Managing Director

(I also have previous commission statements if necessary and a written reference)






So here’s your opportunity to be the decision maker. Who would you want to interview to work in your company? Maybe this visual presentation of a human being on paper gives you an idea of how important it is to do yourself justice and take the time to market yourself well enough. It shows that you care enough about yourself and are proud of your achievements and will work for the prospective employer with exactly that kind of integrity when you market his products.




So even though youre applying with an agency, choose to brand yourself well. If you don’t want to be a number in an incredibly competitive market, take the time to plan your CV well and detail your experience. Don’t assume anything and take for granted that a client can sniff that you closed a major account in June 2007 with a company that perhaps he himself has been trying to negotiate to do with business over the past year.




There are high achievers in the market and you have to do whatever it takes to make yourself stand out from the rest. So whether you have been a waitress or a Managing Director, care about yourself and your career enough to take the time to show your prospective employer why ‘YOU’ are worth interviewing.

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