Interview Questions


• What type of products have you sold?

• Do you have a proven record of accomplishment in sales?

• How do you find prospective clients?

• Have you ever used a consulting firm to find clients or buyers?

Answering the above sales interview questions: The employer would like to know - what is your former sales experience?

What industries or institutions have you worked for in the past? And what is your technical experience?

The interviewer would want to know who you are. Answers to these types of questions need to be very precise.

It is often a good practice to supply existing documentation not otherwise supplied with your resume.

Do you have the proper attitude and behavior to be a top sales Representative? You may be surprised at the amount of questions your interviewer will ask pertaining to just these types of questions.



 Types of Sales Questions regarding your sales behavior:


• Do you often meet your quotas?

• What is your average percentage of quotas met?

• How do you meet your quotas?

• What creative ways have you used to meet quotas and deadlines?

• How do you feel when not making a sale or meeting a quota?

Answers Regarding Sales Behavior: It is best to prepared for these questions with answers you can easily relate with little emotion or drama. They are seeking for your capability to handle a tough situation. Your confidence to overcome a situation and any question are one in the same.

You may explain a case, the action you have taken and the result.

Some Sales Goal Oriented Questions:

• Do you have a sales plan template? How have you planned? Does your template include a forecast for 30/60/90 days?

• Do you have prospective buyers? To whom do you plan to sell our product?

• How do you plan to follow up on your sales?

• If you meet your quotas for your forecast plan, what is next?

• What if you do not meet your quotas?

Answering Sales Goals questions:

It is best to have a solid forecast on paper. Just speculating in regards to any of these questions is not advised. The more sound your presentations the more confident your prospective employer will be in giving you this opportunity.

• What attracts you to a career in sales? 

• What motivates you about sales and marketing?

• Why do you want this job?

• What makes a good sales person?

• Please state your likes and dislikes?

Answer: Simply put, these questions may seem easy but is highly definitive to your type of personality. You want to reply with the utmost confidence and integrity. Eagerness and motivation are good qualities to display, such as:

I love a good challenge and each prospective buyer creates that challenge in different ways.

I like to be able to offer a quality product I can believe in, but may become restless if confined to a standard monologue that is too strict.

• Tell me about one of your successive sales and the process used to achieve this sale.

• What creative ways have you used to meet quotas and deadlines?



Answer: Never relay that this challenge was easy. It is fine to state perhaps that you would believe their product might sell itself - complimenting its quality or marketability (although they are searching here, for that drive and desire potential). Use the most complicated sale giving honest but short details. Keep the story upbeat and positive.



Even when responding to questions concerning unsuccessful sales:

• Give an example of negative sales experiences.

• Describe a situation when you couldn’t convince a customer.

• How do you feel when not making a sale or meeting a quota?

• Give an example of the most time consuming sale you have ever made.



Answer: Losing a sale need to be perceived as a motivational prospect to try harder, that there is no challenge to large or wide. Even convey that the harder the challenge the more exciting the sale. The lesson learned is also important.



• Give an example when you initiated/created a new sales/marketing technique and enjoyed the results.

• How do you maintain/initiate a good relationship with clients? How do you keep him satisfied for next sales cycles? 

• What makes a product successful?



Answer: These questions also give you the opportunity to provide your personal drive, based monetarily. Do not be overly optimistic and chasing rainbows. Keep answers realistic.



Based on Goals you are seeking to achieve. It is also helpful to forecast a of a five to ten year scenario of expectations and how this prospect plays into your plans and goals.



Therefore, highlight the quality of the product and marketability of the said industry. This aids in giving the interviewer a safe and secure view of your personality and desire to achieve honest and long-term goals.



• Tell me about a successful and formal presentation you made recently.

• How do you present a new product for a client?



Answer: They will want an actual presentation, you have proposed. If you have the experience in sales, you will have a few of these available.



It would be best to highlight areas with in the industry you are applying. Those questions concerning experience are usually fore front in an interview and now are your time of proof.



However, if you do not have experience, you can replace this with knowledge and still maintain a complimentary attitude - it would be wise to know everything possible about the industry you are applying.



Other questions could be:



• How do you prepare for a sale?

• Can you describe your most difficult client? How did you handle this client and you were you able to make the sale?

• If you do not sell to prospective client, do you plan to try to sell to them again? How do you change your approach?



Keep in mind that selling is a positive and outgoing, self-motivating field of employment. Conveying that one has these attitudes will bring success.

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