The Oranges


John has been working in a company for 2 years; he is serious, hard-working, responsible and punctual. He is proud because in the 2 years he has received no warnings or reprimands.


One day he looked for the manager to make him a complaint


"Sir, I have been working in this company for 2 years. I like my job and work hard, but I feel I am not valued. Look, Rob started in a position like mine just 6 months ago and he has been promoted to Supervisor"


"Uhmmmmmm, the manager thought and said” I would like your help in solving a problem. I would like to give some fruits to the employees at lunch today. In the market, which is on the corner, they sell fruits. Please, can you ask if they have oranges?"


John tried his best to do this task and 5 minutes later he returned


"ok John, what did you ask?"


"Sir, they have oranges to sell"


"What is the cost?"


"Ahhhhh.... I didnīt ask"


"O.k. but did you see if they have enough oranges for everyone?"


"I didnīt ask Sir?"


"Is there another fruit we can use instead of oranges?"


"I donīt know Sir, but I think...."


"O.k. please sit down for a moment. The manager took the phone and called Rob to his office. When Rob was in front of them, the manager gave him the same instructions as he gave to John and in 10 minutes Rob came back.


"Ok Rob, what news do you have for me?"


"Sir, they have oranges, enough for everyone, but if you prefer they also have banana, papaya, melon and mangoes. The Price of the oranges is R14.00 per kg, the banana is R 5.00 per bunch, mango is R7.00 per kg and melon R3.00 per kg. They told me if we buy 25% more they will give us 8% discount.


"Thank you Rob, but wait a moment please” The manager looked at John who was waiting amazed and said to him "John, what were you talking to me about?”


"Nothing Sir, excuse me" and walked out of the managerīs office


It is important to do our jobs, with our best effort, even for the simplest activity; otherwise nobody will give us the most important jobs.

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