Interview Preparation


First Impressions are lasting in an interview situation, 90% of the time there no second chances.

So the aim is to make the biggest impression in whatever period of time you have, this starts way before you arrive at the clients premises.


1. Prepare with all the information regarding your interview.

2. Time - Date - Address - Person who you will be seeing and their designation.

3. Website address - this is vital, as you need to research the company as much as possible before telling them that you are keen to work for them. Know their products and whether they operate nationally, get a general idea of the culture of the company so that understand the appropriate dress code as well.

4. Get as much information regarding the vacancy from your agent as possilble. Research the company´s competitors as well.

5. Always arrive atleast 15 minutes early and wait in your car if you have to, that way you are prepared for any setbacks that could occur like traffic etc.

6. When in doubt regarding dress code, always dress corporately. Grooming is essential, no matter what the job.

7. Take along your best attitude. When you walk into the company, keep a pleasant and friendly but professional disposition. Switch your cell phone off. Firm handshakes, not wet ones and not bone crushing ones either. In other words, we leave nervousness and over dominance out of this interview. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, never give it."

8. Maintain your consistent eye contact, its a indication of trustworthiness. Listen intently when the interview is talking and try to never interrupt. When given an opportunity to talk about yourself, market yourself as a brand that is worth investing in. Mention key attributes, achievements with humility. Show passion for whatever the job entails, if this is a job you really want.

9. Never talk negatively about present or previous employers. Its a sign of character.

10. Always thank them for the interview, firm handshake and indicate your interest by conveying that you would love the opportunity and hope to hear from them. (If this is of course how you feel).

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