My Why


I love my work. 


It’s really that simple.


I love bringing the right people together.


I found this passion of mine almost 19 years ago by default. That very first thank you that changed the course of my life.


I fell in love with making a difference, with changing a life. There’s a whole chain one affects when a career move is secured. 

The individual and the company enter into an agreement to bring value to each other. I am the link in this value-added relationship.

The individual’s family is always affected by his or her career move. A higher financial remuneration or just pure and simple job satisfaction makes for a happier home environment. I get to be a link to that too.


The realization that I am really here to be of service is not a just a career realization for me, it’s now an ethos for me in all I do. I suppose my personal inner motto can best be defined by ‘How can I serve today’


It’s simple. 

Its beyond rewarding.

There is no monetary value I could put on walking one’s personal ethos with this attitude.


I have a deep passion to see humanity thrive, that has no figure to it, the humanitarian in me wants to assist every person that reaches out. It’s not always possible in the manner that they would like, but I do try to leave some sort of value even of its just directing them to someone better equipped to help in their field. 


Many years back I focused on being the best in my industry, on outdoing my competition and time and experience have shown me that those views of mine perhaps came from societies conditioning and a scarcity mentality. There really are enough opportunities for us all to thrive. There really is no need to outsmart your competition if your main prerogative is to add value. It’s not about the competition you see, recruitment is about the human life you are dealing with. Learning to sift through those false beliefs and learning how I can make a difference in each and every candidates life has given me a sense of personal responsibility that is beyond just winning, I truly want to add value to that client by seeing their business thrive and I want to make a difference to the candidate by seeing them personally thrive. That’s the biggest win for me. People deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and when one’s focus is merely on winning, people can easily become a commodity, and not one that is valued.


I drew the boundaries in my career many years ago. I love making money and thriving, who doesn’t? I just happen to love humanity equally and I know that when my focus is on being of service, they both go hand in hand and become extremely rewarding. The lessons have been rewarding and grand in my career, watching the exchange of human interaction. Watching the power plays, the grasp for control, the micro-managing, the latching on to the titles…witnessing the rise and the fall, the humility involved in the rise. The psychology behind how we as a society survive has been fascinating and ever so humbling for me. The younger me was impressed by a title, by academic achievements, facts and figures. The more authentic me is impressed by how you navigate your journey to success, do you take others to the top with you or are they your stepping stone? When you appeal to me, is your thought process around what others can do for you and how you deserve this and should have gotten that or is it focused on what type of value a client is missing out on if she doesn’t hire you? The latter will get me to drop things and help you today. When your intention is to add value, or leave value, you will always have my attention.


I value your curriculum vitae. When you’re sending it to me, you’re trusting me with your most personal information. I feel a responsibility toward you as a human being first and my priority will always be to help your career and personal progression. I receive thousands of resumes every day and letters appealing for help and I really try my best to get to answer them all.  I don’t always get it right, but not for lack of trying and if you happen to get it right through another agent or on your own, I will still champion your success.


The best way to form any relationship in life is constant communication so if you want to work with me, stay in contact. I have helped people in 30 minutes and sometimes in 3 years but relationships are invaluable and they take time to foster. I am committed, if you are too, we could find the right opportunities together. I always want to leave people better than I find them and I am always thankful that you choose to work with me. Melinda Royce

Fax: 0866141595 | Email: [email protected]

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