Percent Rules


80/20 Rule/Pareto Principle: Generally speaking, the 80/20 Principle says that most of our results come from a small portion of our actual work, and conversely, that we spend most of our energy doing things that aren’t ultimately all that important. Figure out which part of your work has the greatest results, and focus as much of your energy as you can on that part.


Pro-active Percent’s indicate that one should spend 50% of your working day on tasks that advance your long-term and life goals.  Spend 30% on tasks that advance your middle-term (2-years or so) goals, and the remaining 20% on things that affect only the next 90 days or so.


Percent rules, we advocate these, at least to a point, however there are many exceptions. If one is un-employed it would make sense to spend 100% on finding gainful work.

Of that, it does make sense to figure out what is getting you interviews, and concentrate your energies there. If you are just making application for everything and receiving no response you may want to ask why. Are you reading the requirements?  One of the craziest things about recruitment is when the advertisement says you must have "x" experience or even something general like you must have "the desire to" and a car. And we get hundreds of applications from people who have no experience, no car, and when I ask them if they even have the desire to the response I get is "well, do you have anything in (insert just about anything else here)"


That won´t work.


And it is a waste of time, and there is no rule that says you should waste your, or anybody else’s time.


It makes more sense to concentrate on what will ensure results, which goes back to the first Principal, or the Pareto Principal. 

Asses- with results, not with hot air, but with results.

If you got the interview then you already have about a 75% chance of getting the job, because you have been screened from hundreds of applications already. Those are good odds.

If you have been to numerous interviews and have not received any offers then you NEED some constructive criticism.

You can call it what you want, a quality review, an assessment, etc. but at the end of the day you need to know what you are doing wrong. And then you have to be prepared to change it.

Which goes to both principals, SPEND TIME ON WHAT ADVANCES YOU, not on anything else.


And usually it is nothing about your character, creed, color, religion etc. The response I get from most clients is something simple- showed up in jeans, was chewing gum, used profanity, was inappropriately dressed, smelled like booze, etc. All these things generally mean you don’t respect the person who is interviewing you, and you don’t respect that person’s time.


That doesn’t work either.


So spend some time on what works, if you are spending your time on things that don’t work you wont make any advancements.


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