We want to work for you!


I have been a recruitment agent for the past 10 years and I´ll start by telling you as loudly as I can--" I want to work for you!!!

I want to assist every candidate that makes an application for employment with my agency, I have an intense passion for the job I do, I love what I do. I´m in the ´people´ business and I love people. I am passionate about making a difference, not just finding you the first available opportunity so that I can make the placement but by truly taking the time to market you to the outstanding clientele that my agency has partnered with.

What gets you noticed???

A comprehensive cv. to start. This means a cv. that encompasses a full range of your experience. I want to know your exact dates of work. This is essential to a client and for referencing purposes. I want to know your inherent job description, what you did from start to finish. Compile the cv as if you were doing a write up to a newspaper about your experience. Only you know everything about the jobs you held, dont let me guess, it would be a terrible injustice to your experience. Tell me about your clients, tell me about your achievements in your work environment. Did you meet targets? Show me that you are a goal orientated person. I want to partner you in taking you closer to your goals. Provide me reference details. Dont forget education details, even short courses that may not seem important to you make a world of difference to showing experience on your cv. Give me your real reasons for leaving a job. Tell me about the types and names of clients you have dealt with in the past or presently. A client could see information like this and be impressed enough to want to meet you even though you may not meet every single requirement for his existing vacancy. Please send me more than one contact telephone number for yourself.

Be honest---I am on your side, everybody has different reasons for leaving a job, I´m not here to judge you, but I can certainly make sure I dont put you in the same situation again.

Keep contact with me by email, make yourself known. Stand out from the rest, take an interest in your application. You are your best brand, so be your biggest fan and do your best for yourself. Dont make the application and sit back and wait.

I want to know that you´re keen and eager to work, it will motivate me that much more to market you. In order for me to market you effectively I need the comprehensive cv I mentioned, it would help to also send me a photo of yourself on email so that I can present your profile to my clients. It helps me to associate you with your cv as I am based in Cape Town but I do recruitment Internationally so it isnt always possible for me to meet you personally.



Want to get even more from my services?

Take another step with my agency and send me 10 company names that you would want to work for. Take into account where your previous or existing work experience will benefit the company in question and also yourself. This could be a competitor to any of the industries you have gained experience in.

When I call you with an interview, dont hmm and ahh....WE, both you and I work on behalf of the client and we work around his schedule not him around us. This is a matter of respect, so change what you need to and be available if you really want the opportunity. There are extreme circumstances of course but these do not mean your regular visit to the barber.


Hopefully this summaries what it takes to get results from your agent. Remember it benefits me to assist you, not just financially but more so from the point of my absolute passion and drive with regards to my job fullfillment.  Allow me to make the difference and send me your cv. Make the extra iniative and I will personally market you to the best of my capabilities. If you are serious about your career move, give me an opportunity to give you the right exposure.


As George Bernard Shaw said..."The people who get on this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they cant find them, make them.



"Perserverence is a great element of success.If you knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody."

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